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(( I was trying my best to become active, but so much has happened that I have not been able to keep up with RPing. Unfortunately I have to put this account on hiatus until Christmas-vacation. I’m terribly sorry about this! ;_; ))

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(They both uuh… unique. I wonder what kind of people are they)
"Hello there!"

"The Great thief Yatagarasu - at your service!"

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“Yeah, he and Prosecutor Faraday were rather close from what I heard, and I suppose that closeness extended to you, as well.” he said trying to keep the mood light.

(Jeez. She sure seems peppy considering we’re talking about her deceased father. Oh well, we all have our defense mechanisms. I’ll play along.)

He had to admit, even if she was just trying to covering up her negative feelings, he found her enthusiasm rather charming. And he certainly didn’t mind the flattery, even if he doubted he was as intelligent as Prosecutor Edgeworth. Regardless, he decided to play along.

“Ha ha, maybe I can be a Genius Prosecutor like him. Thanks, Kay.” he said with a laugh.

It was hardly that impressive. Her surname alone should have made the connection clear in his head, but even then that was the sort of thing detectives did when solving crimes. In a sense, he was applying his job to a real-life scenario.

Kay laughed. 
"Who knows? But why can’t you be a Genius Detective?" 
"I mean, there are so many of those who are "prosecuting geniuses" already, but you can’t say the same about detectives. It’s much easier to stand out, and since detectives and prosecutors work together, a team with the same skill level could get things done fast. And fast and effective teams are always appreciated a lot", she explained but couldn’t put her thoughts into as good explanation as she wanted to.
"I bet you would also get paid really well", Kay added and smirked. 

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“Yes, that was what I meant. Ninjas have no legal power or authority to do anything in our country, so if you were to try and do some of the things that ninjas actually did, then you would likely end up in jail. If you’re really interested in sneaking about, perhaps you could become an agent or a spy for the Federal government. At least you would have some authority to act upon. Though, of course, I would suggest you stick with a normal career, but that is just my opinion.”

He noted the light chuckle she gave when he spoke of herself, and he was none too amused.

“Ha! Is something amusing, Lady Faraday? Are you doubting my intelligence? If so, please challenge me. Test me with whatever riddle, puzzle, or question comes to mind, and I will answer it as if it were a 10-piece jigsaw puzzle. You’ll realize how brilliant I am.”

"Hey, that actually doesn’t sound half bad! I think I should consider those two as well". Kay was glad she had still time to think about her future and her other, non-Yatagarasu-profession. She sure wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become prosecutor, but it wasn’t something she was hundred percent sure to do in the future. 
"I’m not really into riddles myself, but I’m sure Mr. Edgeworth would know a lot of them", she replied. 
"In fact, if you’re so good, I think you two should have a battle of wits. I’m sure it would be exciting to watch and listen". 

Kay would have been lying if she had said she wasn’t imagining Edgeworth winning Luke 10-0. Maybe Mr. Edgeworth was a bit of a jerk at times and clearly wasn’t the one to understand people - especially women - but he sure was intelligent, and Kay didn’t doubt that at all. 

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Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake with Hearts! (tutorial/recipe)

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Cammy really does need to get that sleeping thing checked out, if it wasn’t all a facade. Nevertheless, she was really good at it.

“I guess a check-up couldn’t hurt…”

“Narcolepsy? Is that what you’re trying to say?’ 

"That’s good!".
Naive as she was, Kay honestly thought Cammy would go to see a doctor. 
"Yeah, that’s the word! Medical words can be awfully hard to remember - or spell - at times"

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“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit sleepy, though..” yawned the flight attendant. This was a normal thing for Cammy. People who know her almost expects her falling asleep.

“Why does everyone suggest I should go to the doctor? I’m believe I am healthy.. And I doubt I’ll fall asleep during important…”

(‘So I’m not the first one… Somehow, I don’t even doubt that’)
"Maybe because most have never seen people fall asleep suddenly like that". Kay was a bit worried, even if she didn’t knew Cammy really well. 
"But a check-up wouldn’t hurt you, right?"
"It could be narcol- narcole- narc-… that one thing!"  

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Just as I assumed.

I assure you I will keep your generous offer in mind, Kay.

"You better do!", Kay laughed. 
"It’s not every day when a great thief like me is so offering to help", she continued, purposely sounding really full of herself. It was mostly just an act, but she thought it would be funny way to behave. 

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11. What is character’s biggest secret?
Headcanon-wise, I like to imagine Kay playing ninja when no-one is looking. You know, stuff like hiding-practise and trying to jump from roof to roof or from tree to tree (and it goes without saying it usually doesn’t end up successfully)

16. How character reacts to magic anons. 
Kay has not encountered any, but I suppose it would depend on the spell itself. However, the first magic anon will probably be some sort of confusing experience to her. 

20. What does RPer dislike about character? 
In my opinion, Kay was pretty badly written in AAI. They tried to give her too many traits and it made her really confusing (also gave her the status of Mary-Sue in the fandom). She was also our assistant only in two cases (+ the one where she was a kid) yet the writers seemed to suppose player would like and understand her. Also, out of all sidekicks, I see her as the most immature and childish one (but it gives me an opportunity to develop her by myself during our group’s canon-plays).

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Stupid pixel art I found from my folders. Decided to finish the skirt’s shading today. 

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